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I'm Buster Brown, I live in a shoe. This is my dog Tige, he lives there too.

2007 HDT Rally Truck Photos (1)

Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Tige Over
Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Tige Over

Last Changed 10/25/2007

Our location - Wichita Kansas - 9/30 - 10/8/2007

Truck Photos

We are in Wichita for the 2007 National HDT Rally.  Almost everyone is here.

Usually when we come into a campground, we are a show because of our HDT truck.  Here at Blasi Campground during the HDT Rally, we are among the normal.

Most of the trucks at the Rally

The owner pictures were taken by Scott Nolan (vela1) during the 2006 Rally.
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Ann & Gene Bensen
(Ann n Gene)

Kathie & Bill Bevington
(The Wandering Bevingtons)
  Danette & Dwayne Boyd
(Dwayne & Danette)
  Hazel & Jim Brumfield
Dale and Mark Bruss
(Dale&Mark Bruss)

Red Rover
Sherri & Ron Byman
(Ronald Byman)
Sharon & Ron Curry
Ute & David Czetli

Short Stack
Billie & Larry Eberle
(Still Working)

HD Mule
Rob Finch
(Rob Finch)
Valerie & Jim Gehlen
<Lady Pirate)
(Jim Gehlen)
  Carole and Robb Isaacs

White Lightning
  Cindy & Charles Lee
Jill & David Mattson
Danielle & Jack Mayer
(Jack Mayer)
Sue & David McCarron
Pat & Mike McFall
PressurePro Rep

Linda & Larry Moore
    Carla & Pete Nelson
(Pete & Carla)
Barb & Scott Nolan
Mike O'Neil
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