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RV Tech Technical

Last Changed 11/5/2016

Debates often arise over the RV systems and most of the available information is biased to the seller of whatever type of system being debated.

We plan on adding discussions on some RV systems with a more informative overview.

We will also add procedures that are not repairs here.

Our Technical Items

Cargo Door Tweak Our entrance door blocks the cargo door when it is latched open.

Besides blocking the cargo door, the latched open entrance door would bounce against the cargo door when it was latched open.

For details on this modification, go to Cargo Door Bumper
Screened door We replaced a plastic door insert with a screen for better cooling of the electronics.

See Cabinet Door Mod
Tige Additions We wanted a night light in the bathroom and we didn't have an AC electrical outlet.  So we made a led light nightlight.

See LED Night Light
Topper Support When we stay in Retama Village, the Texas breezes flap the living room slide topper so we put a frame under the topper.

See Slide Topper Support
LCD TV Mount We replaced the living room  tube TV with a LCD model with secure mounting in mind.

See LCD Mount
Bed LCD TV Mount We replaced a tube TV with a LCD model with a swing arm in the bedroom.

See Bed LCD Mount
SK-1000 Installt We replaced our non-functioning Winegard AS-2003 roof satellite dish with a Winegard SK-1000 unit.

See Satellite Dish Replacement
Bed LCD TV Mount We used available mounts and fabricated a new mount to have a tilt capability for the LCD TV in the entertainment center.

See LCD Mount II
Topper Support We modified the trailer LAN wiring and added new equipment to use an air-card for Internet connections.

See Air Card System Installation
Topper Support We added a second power inlet near the front of the trailer.

See Second Power Inlet
Onboard Water Filters We moved our water filters and water pressure regulator onboard.

See Onboard Water Filters..
Bullet Install We installed an Ubiquiti Bullet radio with an EnGenius antenna on a Sensar Batwing antenna.

See Bullet Install
CHMSL We replaced the incandescent bulb CHMSL with a LED unit.

LED Light Conversion We added some voltmeters to indicate whether both legs of power from shore power or the generator are available..

See Voltmeters
LED Light Conversion We converted some fluorescent fixtures to LED strips..

See LED Light Conversion
Computer Change We replaced our big PC with a smaller more power efficient system..

See Computer Change
Fuse Switch We put a switch inline with a fuse to not have to pull the fuse when towing the Equinox..

See Fuse Switch
Fuse Switch We replace Red Rover's bumper with a chrome one

See Bumper Replace
Fuse Switch We setup a 4G Antenna on a magnetic mount.

See 4G Antenna
Current Router Our current air-card setup.

See Current Air-Card System
Computer Box We repackaged our main computer for moving between Tige and the Bounder.

See Computer Box
Traveler Mod for Hopper 3 We modified Winegard Trav'ler SK-1000 automatic satellite roof dish to work with a Dish Hopper 3.

See Hopper 3
Assembled mount We installed a battery fill system on Joey's batteries.

See Battery Fill System
SolarSystem A discussion on running wiring inside PVC conduit on the RV roof.

See Roof Conduit Wiring
Modified Power Strip Mounted Modifying a power strip to clean up power wiring.

See Custom Power Strip

Disclaimer: The information in this site is a collection of data we derived from the vendors and from our personal experiences.  This information is meant as a learning guide for you to  make your own decisions  Best practices and code should always be followed.  The recommendations we make are from our personal experiences and we do not receive any compensation for those recommendations.