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I'm Buster Brown, I live in a shoe. This is my dog Tige, he lives there too.

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Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Tige Over
Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Tige Over

Date Section Web Page Actions
6/23/2017 Where are we now New Harris NS We tstay on Cape Breton
  Where are we now Cabot Trail We drive the Cabot Trail
6/17/2017 Where are we now Saint John NB We tour Saint John NB.
  Where are we now Digby Ferry We take the Digby Ferry to Nova Scotia.
6/12/2017 Where are we now Acadia NP Bar Harbor We go to Bar Harbor to tour more of Acadia NP.
6/10/2017 Where are we now Winter Harbor ME We come to Maine
  Where are we now Acadia NP Scoodic Point We tour part of Acadia NP.
6/4/2017 Where are we now Old Sturbridge Village We toured Old Sturbridge Village.
6/3/2017 Where are we now Boston MA We toured Boston.
5/31/2017 Where are we now New York City We toured Manhattan.
  Where are we now Sleepy Hollow NY We toured Rockefellers' Kykuit mansion.
  Where are we now Bayonne NJ We go to Bayonne NJ for Memorial Day.
  Where are we now Foxboro MA We are in the Boston area..
5/25/2017 Where are we now Florida, NY We are touring the New York City area.
5/24/2017 Where are we now PA State Capital We tour the Capital Building in Harrisburg.
5/23/2017 Joey Drink Holder Adapter Modified the drink holders
5/20/2017 Where are we now Jonestown PA Stopping in the Hershey PA area.
  Where are we now DC Capital We went to the Capital Mall.
5/15/2017 Joey SnapPads We added SnapPads to Joey
5/13/2017 Where are we now Mount Vernon We get to see a NBA Playoff Game
Where are we now Washington Wizards Touring George Washington's home.
5/6/2017 Where are we now College Park MD Touring and visiting in the Washington DC area.
5/3/2017 Where are we now Quicksburg VA Stopped at Quicksburg VA for two days
5/1/2017 Where are we now Ft Griswell VA Stopped at Ft Griswell VA for two days
4/19/2017 Where are we now Rossville, GA Stopped in Chattanooga TN area
Where are we now Tuscaloosa AL Stopped at a COE Park
4/7/2017 Where are we now Houston, TX Stopped in Houston for doctor appointment and visiting.
Where are we now Space Center Houston Toured Johnson Space Center
3/10/2017 GPS Computer Navigation GPS Computer Navigation Combined various phases f GPS Navigation into one topic.
3/4/2017 Full-Time Life Style Air Card Updated our current air-card system.
2/12/2017 Joey Sound Insulation We added sound insulation to the vacuum pump.
2/11/2017 Joey Tow Modifications We modified the drop hitch adapter and tow bar.
1/13/2017 Joey DRL LEDS We changed accents LEDS to DRLs.
12/24/2016 Joey Rear Reflectors We added red reflectors to the rear of Joey to make it legal.
12/17/2016 Joey Gauge Lights We added LED lights to the gauge assembly.
12/7/2016 Joey TV Compartment Fan We added an exhaust fan to the bedroom TV cabinet.
11/20/2016 Joey Joey Changes We replaced the front sway bar.
11/5/2016 RV Tech Custom Power Strip We modified a power strip to clean up power wiring in TV cabinet.
11/2/2016 Red Rover Red Rover - Hitch Added Comfort Ride Hitch
10/3/2016 Where are we now Goodland KS We stopped for two days.
9/23/2016 Joey Tow Mods We extended the taillight cable receptacle.
9/19/2016 Where are we now Gold Mine Tour We tour a gold mine.
9/3/2016 Where are we now Woodland Park CO We return to Woodland Park for about a month.
8/30/2016 Where are we now Evansville WY Two night stop over
Where are we now Garryowen MT To visit the Little Big Horn National Monument
8/12/2016 RV Tech Battery Fill System We add a battery filling system to Joey.
Where are we now Livingston MT We are in Yellowstone River's Edge RV park for 3 weeks.
8/5/2016 Where are we now Missoula MT We stop at the Missoula KOA.
8/4/2016 Where are we now Lake Coeur D'Alene We boat ride.
8/2/2016 Where are we now Coeur D'Alene ID We returned to Coeur D'Alene for a few days
7/31/2016 Where are we now Ellensburg WA We stop for three days.
7/27/2016 Where are we now Fort Clatson NP We tour the 1805 Winter quarters of the Lewis & Clark Expedition.
7/25/2016 Where are we now Bay Center Beach The beach area at the campground.
7/23/2016 Where are we now Sandsations We go to a sand sculpture event.
  Where are we now South Bend WA We are staying a week near South Bend WA.
7/18/2016 Where are we now Neah Bay WA We toured the Makah Museum and Cape Flattery.
7/17/2016 Where are we now Hoh Rainforest We toured the Hoh Rainforest in Olympic National Park.
Where are we now La Push WA We visited the Quileute Festival
Where are we now Forks WA We are staying a week on the western side of the Olympic National Park.
7/11/2016 Where are we now Washington State Capital We toured the State Capital building.
Where are we now Centralia WA We moved to a RV park for a week
Where are we now Brazel's Performance RV We stayed at Brazel's Performance RV for some upgrades.
7/3/2016 Where are we now Mt Saint Helens We toured the Mt Saint Helens area
  Where are we now Kelso WA Stopped for a week
6/27/2016 Where are we now Evergreen Aviation We toured the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum
6/26/2016 Where are we now McMinnville OR Stopped for three nights to see Evergreen Aviation Museum
  Where are we now Sutherlin OR Stopped for two nights
6/23/2016 Where are we now Phoenix OR Stopped for two nights
6/21/2016 Where are we now Redding CA Stopped for two nights
6/18/2016 Where are we now Castello de Amorosa Tour the Castello de Amorosa winery
6/18/2016 Where are we now California Railroad Museum Tour the California State Railroad Museum
6/18/2016 Where are we now Jelly Belly Plant Tour the Jelly Belly plant
6/18/2016 Where are we now Vacaville CA Stopping for Napa Valley
6/11/2016 Where are we now Yosemite NP Glacier Point Touring Yosemite NP Glacier Point
  Where are we now Yosemite NP Valley Touring Yosemite NP Valley
  Where are we now Coarsegold CA Stopping for Yosemite NP
6/6/2016 Where are we now Kings Canyon NP 2 Touring Kings Canyon NP
6/6/2016 Where are we now Kings Canyon NP Touring Kings Canyon NP
6/6/2016 Where are we now Sequoia NP Touring Sequoia NP
6/6/2016 Where are we now Visalia CA Stopping for Sequoia NP
5/30/2016 Where are we now Hover Dam Bikers Rolling Thunder parade over the dam
  Where are we now Hoover Dam We tour the dam.
5/25/2016 Where are we now Las Vegas, NV We stop for a week to be tourists.
5/12/2016 Where are we now Fort Stockton, TX We stop for a night.
  Where are we now El Paso, TX We stop for two nights.
5/9/2016 Where are we now Kerrville, TX We stop for a couple of days.
Where are we now National Museum of the Pacific War We spend a couple of hours in a two day museum.
5/1/2016 Joey Our Bounder Added numerous photos.
4/25/2016 Joey Joey Changes Tweaked floorplan to reflect what our Bounder looks like.
4/24/2016 Joey Joey Changes Added an infrared repeater to the front TV.
4/20/2016 Joey Joey Named our Bounder Joey and changed pages to that.
4/18/2016 Joey Joey Changes Many changes are being added to Joey Changes.
3/10/2016 Where are we now Camping World New Braunfels TX We had a Trav'ler installed.
3/9/2016 Where are we now New Braunfels, TX We stopped overnight before Camping World.
1/12/2016 RV Tech Computer Box We repackaged our main PC for moving between Joey and Tige.
1/5/2016 RV Tech Bullet Mount We make a Bullet Antenna magnetic mount.
1/3/2016 RV Tech 4G Antenna Mount We make a 4G Antenna magnetic mount.
12/4/2016 Joey Joey Red Rover is for sale.

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